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Opportunities to Give

Some of our specific needs for our ministry center in 2024 each will make a difference in the daily lives of artisans and the daily operation of the ministry!

Would you consider donating towards a specific item or items? Foot Loom ($700); Industrial Sewing Machine ($900), Furnishings ($2,000); Childcare ($950), Administrative Assistant ($500/month), Medicine and a Medical emergency fund ($1,500)

Foot Loom & an Industrial Sewinng Machine

Buying a foot loom will give us flexibility when choosing our materials., rather than outsourcing this need. We have a couple of current artisans who would like to learn how to weave on a foot loom. And with a second industrial sewing machine we can do even more projects.

Home Furnishing for Mirsa's Family

Land has been purchased for Mirsa & her family's home which will be built by a partner ministry in the next few months. Once completed, they will need help with the basic home furnishing, including beds, kitchen appliances and some basic furniture for the dining/living room. 

Medicine for Mirsa's Daughter

Mirsa's daughter is also in need of expensive medication. We need assistance with the cost. The family spends much of Mirsa's monthly income for the medicine. WoH is looking for a donor(s) to help with at least a portion of the cost. The main medicine alone cost almost $150 per month.

Medical Emergency Fund

Help our team prepare for medical emergencies. In the past, we've supported artisans in circumstances ranging from unexpected C-sections, special testing and hospital stays, and other medical expenses, etc. 


Help us provide a couple of our moms with resources to cover childcare. A couple of our moms do not have family who can help care for young children while they work in our workshop. About $10/week per child can help these mom's have confidence their child is given a nutritious meal and cared for after school while they work in our workshop.

Social Media/Web/Admin Assistant in US

We need an administrative assistant in the US  to help with social media updates/posts, volunteer recruitment, event admin etc. The position would assist our Guatemalan based director, working an average of 10 hours per week.

We appreciate our partners

Women of Hope would not exist without faithful partners, with your finances, prayer and volunteer support. Your donations to Women of Hope Guatemala mean we can continue our mission to disciple women of the Lake Atitlan region, helping them grow in their relationship with the Lord. 

Continuing our business as mission project, helps our artisans & their families rise above the challenges of poverty, illiteracy, a culture of abuse and oppression.

Your financial partnership helps families break the cycle of poverty, finding dignity from a job well done.

Want to volunteer your time & talent?

You can join our team right from your home! We need talent in the areas of graphic design, web design, marketing/communication, volunteer management, inventory management/distribution, and general administrative. 

Some opportunities need 2-4 hours per month, others could use 2-4 hours per week. Additionally, throughout the year we need many volunteers to help at our merchant events each fall.

Join our US team of volunteers; YOU WILL CHANGE LIVES! And of course we would love for you to visit us on the field for a 5 day vision trip, a 7-10 day service trip or a longer mission adventure.

Click to visit our Volunteer Page or email us at