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Meet our artisan Mirsa!


Mirsa attended vocational school but found it difficult to find stable work with good pay. Then her daughter Katherine was born with severe disabilities and though 11 years old, functions as a 3-yr-old. Mirsa needed to stay home or pay someone who could care for her child. 

While taking her daughter to therapy Mirsa met Ana, a WoH artisan, who told her about the ministry. Joining the ministry in 2022 turned out to be a true blessing as Mirsa can be home with her daughter and earn a steady income to help her husband as they care for Katherine and their son Dilan. 

Furthermore, Mirsa says she’s found a friend in the ministry’s director Tina, who has become someone she can talk to and pray with. Mirsa especially enjoys making the embroidered nativity scene pieces.

Through a generous donation, land has been purchased for Mirza &her family. Their home will be built by a partner ministry in the next few months. Once completed, they will need help with the basic home furnishing, including beds, kitchen appliances and some basic furniture for the dining/living room.  We hope to raise $2,500 to fill the house to make it a home!