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Nativity Balls (colors available)
Nativity Balls (colors available)
Nativity Balls (colors available)

Nativity Balls (colors available)

Color Red_White

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Our customers so loved the Nativity Tea Light Tabletop ornament last year, they asked us to make them for their tree!  So here it is in 3 colors! Red with white nativity scene, Matte white with royal nativity scene and Powder Blue with white nativity.

These balls are definitely a labor of love by our artisans, each ball taking almost 2 days to complete. Yet each artisan that made this ornament hopes it is a blessing to hang from your tree every year, remembering that Jesus came as a baby, to live a perfect life and to pay the price for our sin, the price we cannot pay, for our salvation.

Approximately 4.5 inches in diameter with a 2” long beaded hanger.

Care instructions: Storing your ornaments year to year when they have a styrofoam base means keeping them in a cool dry location. Extreme heat can cause shrinkage in the styrofoam.

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