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A New Vision of Hope

Posted by Tina Osuna on

A New Vision of Hope

Women of Hope Guatemala recently partnered with a children's home in the neighboring village of Tzan Chaj called Hands of Compassion.  This home is dedicated to raising abandoned, abused, and forgotten children in a loving family setting, rather than seeking adoption for them.  The home has almost thirty children from infants to older teenagers.

Several older girls are ready to transition to living on their own, and that is where Women of Hope (WoH) comes in... indeed, it is exactly why Women of Hope Guatemala exists!

Women of Hope was founded to empower women through wholesome employment as artisans, which affords them the opportunity to lead safe, productive and accomplished lives.  We have extended invitations to three young women to join us.  The three oldest women from the home, Linda, Clara, and Lucia,  began working with us a few weeks ago to see if they are truly interested in acquiring beading skills and adopting this artisan craft as their livelihood.  Since they are eager to begin this journey with WoH they will receive six months of training, from basic beading techniques to more complicated designs starting the beginning of July.

To ensure the women receive the best training possible, we have hired Chonita, a Linda making  anecklace with Chonitaskilled beading artisan with more than fourteen years experience.  Intensive training begins in July and by mid-October, we hope the three young women and their small children will move to our village, San Lucas Toliman, to be closer to work, but still near enough to Tzan Chaj to visit their family home.  (Chonita on the left, Linda on the right)

All three young women have been victims of abuse, are in their late teens, and are mothers.  Yet despite their circumstances, they are continuing their education and desire to live peaceful lives of dignity and hope.  At Women of Hope these young women will continue to mature in their faith and grow in their relationship with Christ.  They will also be earning a liveable wage and support their children in a safe and healthy environment, with supervision, guidance, and help from our ministry as needed.  Most importantly, they will have a community of people committed to their well-being and wholly invested in their futures. 





Have you ever desired to become more involved in our ministry work, but missions travel is not an option for you right now?  We earnestly desire and hope to connect each woman with at least one of our faithful partners, a mentor to help her walk in faith through this new phase of her life.  We are looking for mothers who can talk through mommy issues with them, who can offer practical advice, and who can laugh about the antics of toddlerhood.  We are looking for mature, wise women who have known pain and have walked difficult paths, who can laugh with them, cry with them, encourage and support them on their journeys.   We are looking for partners whose hearts have been pulled in our direction and who would like the opportunity to impact the lives of women through discipleship.

Disciple ClaraTechnology makes it not only possible, but easy to get to know each other through video chat, far superior to those 'penpal' relationships I had when I was young. Real, meaningful,  heartfelt conversations (with a translator if needed) can offer encouragement, knowledge, wisdom, and hope for those just beginning their journeys.  Won't you join us?

As with all ministries, Women of Hope has specific financial needs for which we rely on supportive partners, and we are so very grateful for your generosity and faithfulness. We are seeking the Lord for new ministry partners to help us grow this new facet of our community outreach.  Praise the Lord, partners have already stepped forward with commitments towards wages for two of the new women, but we need additional partners to assist with wages for Chonita, our skilled trainer, and wages for the third young woman.  As well we need partners to help supplement rent and child care.  Lastly, once we find housing for these young ladies, we want to help them purchase furniture and household items to make the bare apartment more welcoming and comfortable, and to ease the transition for both mothers and children.

We have been looking for a new location for our artisan center and office within our budget of $200US, and we are now also seeking housing for our new artisans, hopefully for $200US or less.  Finding rental property in our small village is difficult, and while we found an ideal location with two apartments, the owner is asking $300US each, which is far above our budget for either location. 

Women of Hope Guatemala was created for such times as these.  As more and more Lucia making a necklace with Chonitayoung women age out of the home, we want to be there to offer them and their children an alternative to going back to a dangerous life with no hope, safety, security, or dignified work.  Imagine the hope you can offer to these young women through this new facet of our ministry, and the hope that they in turn will be able to offer to their children.  Your discipleship and financial support can literally alter the course of a life.   Your partnership with WoH can alter the course of the lives of all the young women who must transition from living in the care of the children's home to sustaining a loving, caring environment for themselves and their children.

A single financial gift can make a big difference in how quickly and easily we can acquire the practical items these women will need, and every single gift brings us great joy and hope.  Regular, sustained, faithful gifts help us to plan for the future, help us to steadily pay wages and purchase supplies during the training period, without being impacted by monthly fluctuations in sales.   We are incredibly blessed by your continued encourage and prayers for us and this ministry. 

Please join us in bringing hope & a future by becoming
a part of this new facet of ministry.
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you
and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. ” Jeremiah 29:11

Your monthly or one-time gift to partner with us will make a difference! 
Email me to get started discipling one of our artisans;
your life will be enriched as much as hers!  (
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