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Women of Hope Guatemala would not exist without our faithful financial partners supporting the work of ministry. Partnering with us financially helps families begin to break the cycle of poverty, find dignity from a job well done, and grow in their relationship with the Lord.

Our mission is to disciple women of Guatemala and to help them and their families to rise above the challenges of poverty, illiteracy, a culture of abuse and oppression. Through the opportunities below you can join us to help change lives!






Educational Sponsorship

Our students made it through the 2020 year of school, in spite of COVID!  Now they are ready to start 2021 beginning February; whether in the classroom or online learning, they are ready! Will you consider keeping their dream of furthering their education alive? You can give as a one time gift or monthly, for the need in full or in part! In order as pictured.

Jennifer - 9th Grade - $425 - SPONSORED!!!
Myra - University Sophomore Year - $1,326  HALF WAY THERE!!!
Veronica - Bar Exam & Thesis Year - $1,000
Caesar - 8th Grade - $250
Jaqueline - University Sophomore Year - $1,326



Sponsor Artisan Work

During Covid-19 we were able to maintain paying our artisans a living wage and even added new artisans to our team!  This was especially significant in 2020, so many had no income to support their families.

Then with Covid-19 changes we were not able to sell our inventory, mostly Christmas ornaments, as planned in the fall of 2020.  As we move forward into 2021 we want to continue to employ our artisans, including the new ones, but without sales to support the wages and material costs we need your help! 

Support an artisan for $40 a week.  We will send you an artisan's name and information with your first donation and keep you updated  3-4 times throughout the year.  Make a monthly donation of $150 or more and receive a monthly subscription from our new designs or product of the month.




Support Our Transition Home
Help Us Purchase Age Appropriate Beds & Toys

Support our House of Hope transition home basic expenses including rent, electricity, food, medical, and counseling ($1,000/month).
Additionally a stipend for the house mom who oversees the daily activities of the home


Your investment will provide these abused young women and their children a safe place to flourish. They receive godly counseling, discipleship and training in a trade while learning life skills to manage a home and raise their children in a protected and restorative environment.


Specific needs of furnishings and supplies for House of Hope:

  • Toddler beds with storage for clothes $200 (2 needed)

  • Infant crib with storage & changing table $250 

  • Age appropriate toys & storage for inside and outside play ($250)

Would you consider donating for a specific item or items? We will send you photos of the items in use, so you can see how your donation is making a difference for Women of Hope Guatemala!




Purchase Specific Ministry Supplies

Specific ministry supplies and displays. Some of these will need to be purchased & used in Guatemala, while others will be purchased in the US to be used for our US Merchant events.

Would you consider donating for a specific item or items? We will send you a note with pictures of the items in use, so you can see how your donation is making a difference for Women of Hope Guatemala!

Office refrigerator ($150)
Lifetime brand folding artisan chairs (14 needed $560 total)
Display Ornament Trees (2 needed - $94/tree)
Display ornament holders & jars ($175)
Leather working tool kits (3 @ $78/each)
Bible verse Adult coloring books (6 @ $23)





Osuna Missionary SupportKeeping our missionaries on the field and funded is a high priority. Their daily work with the artisans and in the community is making a difference in families. Economic changes for a few donors changed during 2020 & the affects of COVID. These changes have reduced the monthly support for the Osuna's. If you would like to commit to monthly support or give a one time gift you can help the Osuna's at least maintain their current support level. 
One of the biggest needs the Osuna's have right now is funding for monthly health insurance premiums and retirement.  Health care costs are somewhat lower in Guatemala, and often the level of care is as well. However with insurance they can more likely receive adequate health care for most needs. 



We need your time and talents as well! Contact Tina via email or by phone (678) 665-9716.

If you would like to help by sharing your expertise with us, let’s make it happen. Our team needs expertise in different areas to help us continue developing the ministry, including inventory management and distribution, graphic design, social media management, product design, and other administrative needs. Donate your time and talent stateside whether a few hours a year, month or week!
Email or call us today to join our team!


Thank you for your generosity!  


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