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Women of Hope would not exist without our faithful financial partners 
supporting the work of ministry in Guatemala.  Partnering with us financially
helps families begin to break the cycle of poverty, find dignity from a job
well done, and grow in their relationship with the Lord.

All of our donations are handled by our parent organization – Together We Can, Inc, a 501(c)3 non profit.  There are no administrative fees, therefore Women of Hope receives 100% of your generous donation!  You can use your credit card to donate here or you can choose to send a check to the address below (note: we receive donations less cc fees).

When you click on the Donate button below to make a credit card donation, you will have the opportunity:

    • to designate your gift for one or more of the following missionaries or special projects, or we will utilize in the area most needed, 
    • to choose to give a portion of or the full amount of the amount needed,  
    • to make your gift a one-time or recurring amount. 

Support our Full-Time Missionaries
The Osuna's

      • Missionaries: Directors Giovanni & Tina Monthly or one-time support as they oversee the ministry.

Ministry Needs

Hover over the top of the pictures below to see specific needs for each designation.


                • Transition Home ($1,100/month)
                • Furnishing for Transition Home $1,000
                • Feeding Project Expansion $125/month Your support will help expand our project; serving lunch 5 times a week in 2 locations, rent for one.
                •  Tables & Chairs (Full $1,300)

2020 Educational Sponsorship

We are grateful! These 4 have been sponsored for the 2020 school year.


              • Myra 2018 Education Myra 2020 University 1st Yr $1,215 SPONSORED!!!
              • Jaqueline 2018 Education Jacquelyn 2020 University 1st Year $1,326 SPONSORED!!!


                    • Veronica 2018 Education 2020 University 5th year $1,525 SPONSORED!!!
                    • Jennifer 2018 Education 2020 8th Grade $425 SPONSORED!!!,
                    • Moises 2018 Education 2020 8th Grade $250 SPONSORED!!!
                    • Caesar Education 2020 8th Grade $250 SPONSORED!!!
Donate Now Button

Clicking this DONATE NOW button will open a new window to the site of Together We Can where you will designate your gift to WoH and then you will go to PayPal to process your credit card information. Thank you for your generosity! 


Donate by Check


Want to give something other than money? For example stocks, gifts in kind; contact us at and we will help you make that happen!

We need your time and talents as well! Want to volunteer this fall? Check out our 2019 Fall Events page.

If you would like to help by sharing your expertise with us, let’s make it happen.  Check out our Volunteer & Internship page!  Our team needs expertise in many different areas to help us continue developing the ministry.  Email or call us today to join our team!