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Meet our artisan Veronica!

 Veronica's story is beautiful

     and we are glad to be part of what the Lord is doing

A few of her favorite things

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Veronica shares about her life & experience at WoH

Arriving at Women of Hope, my life has changed.  I amgrowing spiritually through the ministry and learning my self worth as a woman.

I remember sharing with the other ladies that "I have adream, that is really important to me. I want to get my universitydegree." And "Thank you God, thank you because my dreams are comingtrue." I have now finished my Social Sciences degree in Law these last 5years. It is a goal that I have now completed.

"The ministry has totally changed my life."

Veronica started with us in April 2015. She quickly became part of our team and is learning many new beading techniques she had not previously used. Her smile is infectious and she is an encourager to all. Veronica is a valuable asset to our group!

Her family background is an all too common one. Her father was an alcoholic who abused her mother and for many years didn't provide for the family. Her mother raised Veronica and her older brothers as best she could with little help from their father. Veronica wanted to attend school so badly that her mother took out loans to cover the cost. Veronica successfully completed high school and now, through the help of our educational sponsorship program she has completed 5 years of university; studying law in a weekend program. Her father has changed and her family is in a much better place.

Veronica is currently studying for the bar exam and preparing to write her thesis in 2022. She is growing in so many different areas with this educational experience. Over the years she has continued to grow spiritually.

Veronica's leadership skills have made her an invaluable asset to Tina as her assistant. She helps with overseeing the work of the other artisans and assists Tina in the daily activities of the center. Our hope is that one day in the future she will be the director of Women of Hope Guatemala!

In 2022 Veronica will finish her program with an internship working half days for an attorney, while writing her thesis. She will be working half time with Women of Hope, and we plan to look for sponsors to help her financially, since the internship will be unpaid. Our hope is that 2023 she will return to full time work at Women of Hope in an administrative leadership role and begin learning English.

Prayer Requests

Join us in praying for Veronica’s family, her mother who continues to work in the market 7 days a week to provide for her family. Her father suffered a stroke in early 2021, had to quit working and continues to recover at home. Veronica and her brothers continue to work to help support their family.

Pray for Veronica as she studies for the bar exam. The exam has been postponed due to Covid and that makes it difficult to know how to study and plan. For Veronica to continue growing in her relationship with Christ.

Pray for Veronica's relationships with each of the other artisans as she encourages and challenges them in their relationship with Christ.