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Meet our artisan Jennifer!

Jennifer has the distinction of being the youngest to become a Women of Hope artisan. As a child, Jennifer suffered a severe illness that left her hospitalized and bedridden. Praise the Lord she eventually recovered and is filled with gratitude for the support that she & her family received. 

Jennifer quit school at age 12 after 6th grade. She wanted to work as a bead artisan alongside her mom, Maria at WoH. Two years later Tina allowed Jennifer to start to work at 14, and together with Maria, convinced Jennifer to return to school at 15.

“I love making the Santa and flamingo ornaments for the holidays!” she says. “I also love working with my friends here, It’s my favorite time of the day.” Jennifer has since graduated from high school and is now pursuing of a university degree while working at WoH.

Jennifer's birthday is April 15th

We are so excited to announce that Jennifer's 1st year in university sponsorship has been received!!!

However we have 2 other artisans hoping to continue their education. 

Victoria (veterinarian medicine) & Diego (nursing) hope to attend university as well in 2023.