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Meet our artisan Jennifer!

Jennifer came to work with Women of Hope in January 2018, entering as our youngest artisan at only 14 years old. WHAT? Why would we employ a teenager?!?

Jennifer finished 6th grade at 12 years old and decided she wanted to work to help her family rather than continue school - she knew her parents couldn't afford to send her to middle school where it cost about $400 per year. 

For 2 years she asked to work with WoH, but we said no and tried to get her to return to school with the promise of finding her a sponsor. 

Finally at 14, Tina said yes she could start to work, with Tina's desire to convince her to go back to school. Finally that year at 15, Jennifer agreed to go back to school on the weekends. She GRADUATES high school November 2022. See what she hopes will be her future in this video...

Jennifer's birthday is April 15th

We are so excited to announce that Jennifer's 1st year in university sponsorship has been received!!!

However we have 2 other artisans hoping to continue their education. 

Victoria (veterinarian medicine) & Diego (nursing) hope to attend university as well in 2023.