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Meet our artisan Elias!


Elias, one of four male artisans at Women of Hope Guatemala, is very talented in sewing and embroidery. Though he uses an industrial sewing machine, his work is still considered hand-embroidery as he draws the designs, then using a special hoop, manipulates the material on the machine, stitching his designs. He and his wife Nicola, who sometimes does back-loom weaving for WoH, both work from their home in San Lucas Tolimán.

Elias looks back on his ten years at WoH and says he is grateful for the stable work that the ministry offers him so he can care for his family. “If I weren’t working here, I’d have to get up at 4:00 A.M. and work until late evening.” He’d also have to add in the cost of travel to his expenses and finding opportunities to sell his work himself.

“I thank Tina and all who support WoH. The organization has enabled me to purchase my sewing machines and improve my skills as an artisan, while better supporting my family as well.”

Elias' birthday is December 5.