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Meet our artisan Clara!


Looking at Clara today, one would hardly believe the sad and painful story of her early life. She suffered years of abuse and molestation, resulting in pregnancy at just 15 years old. Over the next 3 years, she and her son Oscar were bounced through various children’s homes. 

Then June 2017 Clara started in a special program at Women of Hope that taught women the artistry of bead work. A year later, Clara and Oscar would become the first residents of the WoH’s transition home for young ladies aging out of the orphan system. March 2022, Clara received a home built for her as a single mom by a local ministry.


Through her time as a WoH artisan, Clara has created tremendous change for herself and her son, finding not only consistent income, but more importantly a loving ‘family’. And now, Clara’s bright smile and positive attitude reflect her hope in Christ that propels her to a brighter future.

Clara's birthday is September 12th and Oscar's is November 22nd.