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Meet our artisan Blanca!


One word that describes bead and embroidery Artisan Blanca, is ‘talented’! Not able to attend school as a child, she started learning beadwork at home from 12 years old. 

In 2012, Blanca began working with Women of Hope on a seasonal basis, and in 2015 she began working full time. Blanca is a very gifted artisan, and often helps create new designs simply from a sketch or picture. 

“When I started, we didn’t have our own home” says Blanca.

Instead, she and her spouse, lived with her mother-in law. “God has blessed us, and now we have our own home.” Blanca says that the ministry has been a blessing in many other ways as well. “I have been able to provide food, clothing and other necessities for my family and I’m even able to give extra at church when there is a need.” Blanca’s favorite item to make is one that she designed, the beautifully crafted green hummingbirds.

Blanca's birthday is September 28th.