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Nativity Tree Topper
Nativity Tree Topper

Nativity Tree Topper

Size Large
Color Gold Beaded Star

Only left in stock

Our newest Tree Topper is a unique heirloom star with an embroidered Nativity scene! Our entire team of artisans had a hand in making this tree topper which has handwoven material on the back, beaded trim framing the topper and a beaded star, and of course the beautifully embroidered front of the star.

The topper attaches to your tree with a painted cypress wood stick which connects to the star in a hole between the bottom 2 points. The stick has 2 sections of green velcro to wrap around your tree trunk to easily stay upright and connected to your Christmas tree.

Each star has a bright and colorful depiction of the Nativity scene with Shepherds and Kings surrounding the Baby Jesus, Mary & Joseph. 

There are 2 sizes available & a choice of a gold beaded star or a silver beaded star set at the top of each star.

Small Star - 10.5" top to bottom points and 1" thick
Large Star - 13.25" - top to bottom points and 1" thick.

Care Instructions: Because your star is formed with styrofoam, then covered with the material, it should be stored in a dry, cool place between seasons. Unfortunately, the styrofoam may shrink if stored, for instance in a hot attic. Protect your heirloom topper to display for many years by following this simple step.