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Cardinal Bird

Cardinal Bird


Everyone loves to see a beautiful cardinal! These bird ornaments will compliment all your tree. Imagine placing a few of these cardinals all around your tree.   

These cardinals are special to our director Tina because they are the state bird from her home state, North Carolina. As well her parents both loved bird watching, always looking for these bright red beauties!  Since her mom's(Betty Wade) passing this year in May, they found a picture her mom painted just this year in January.  This spurred Tina's desire to make this bird for our 2020 new collection of ornaments!

The small Cardinal is 3.5" from beak to tail, the body alone is 2" and 2.5" tall with a 2½” long beaded hanger.

The large Cardinal is 4" from beak to tail, the body alone is 3" and 3" tall with a 2½” long beaded hanger.

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