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Give the Gift of Hope

Posted by Tina Osuna on

House of Hope is a transition home for young ladies aging out of local children’s homes that need a safe place to continue to grow.  Our goal is to prepare them to take care of themselves and their children in the future.  We offer educational sponsors, as some of the girls have not had a formal education. We will employ them through the Women of Hope, giving them a trade and a way to earn a fair wage. They will be taught life skills: budgeting, managing a clean & healthy home, meal planning, parenting skills and much more.  They will grow in their spiritual life through our discipleship and their interactions in our church youth group.

We have enough room to house up to 4 ladies and 2 to 4 children. We are also hoping to have some counseling available to encourage our troubled young ladies to work through their past and help them see their real value.  Through the love of Jesus and by example and discipleship we hope these ladies will become godly women able to meet the world with confidence.

Clara and Dany moved into House of Hope at the beginning of June 2018. They have been growing and changing consistently. The security of a job and home are making a difference. We are witnessing positive changes in Clara's parenting and Dany is thriving. 

To continue living in our home, we need additional funding. Currently we are underfunded for the long-term operation of our transition home and need you! There are changes coming to the home in the next couple months, which mean we need to be fully funded or we might not be able to take in new residents. We already have 1 young lady with 2 small children hoping to move in. Without an opportunity like House of Hope, she may be forced to return to the dangerous and abusive situation with her family of origin. For these women there are no government or social resources like there are in the States. They rely on ministries like Women of Hope and you for help.

When women come to House of Hope we seek to make a minimum one-year commitment to care for them and their children. During that year we offer a safe place to live, food, counseling, Bible studies, medical care, education for them and their children, job (or training), and other needed services to prepare them for a new life on their own. Expenses for the home average just over $1,250 per month.

You can help sponsor the home at any level; we would love to see 6 $100/month donors, 8 $50/month donors and 10 $25/month donors to help us maintain the home fully funded for 2-3 women and their children.

Your prayers and donations are what keeps this segment of ministry running. Like Clara said in August, she finally feels like she has a real family for the first time.  Family that cares about her and Dany, willing to teach her new ways of life so they can have a better life. We are thankful for you much more than you realize. 

  • As a sponsor, you will receive monthly updates including photos of the women and children living with us. You will hear their story, their progress, and we will update you of changes in their time with us. 

  • We will also ask the women to pray for you and your family.

  • We are grateful for your donation whatever the amount, but we would love to have donors willing to make a minimum one-year commitment to this project, so we commitment that to the women & children.
  • All donations for Women of Hope’s House of Hope go through our parent organization as do any other donations for WoH. None of the missionaries working with Women of Hope take a salary or benefit of any kind from the ministry. Each of us are still responsible for raising our own living and ministry funds separately.

We really do need your help! Women of Hope has no large organization backing us or raising funds for the ministry; we are here helping the “least of these” in Guatemala, discipling them about a new life that can be found in Jesus Christ.

If you sense God is leading you to give personally we are grateful, but even if He doesn’t, you can still make a difference. Consider sharing this information and our ministry with anyone that comes to mind: small groups, Sunday School classes, civic organizations, your Pastor or Small Group Pastor, youth ministry, women’s ministry, or any other group or individual that you think are interested in helping to rescue abused women and children and breaking the cycle of poverty for families.

Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the
cause of orphans. Fight for the rights of widows. - Isaiah 1.17

Give the Gift of Hope 2019