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Veronica, Beading Artisan

Meet_WoH_VeronicaVeronica started with us in April 2015 to help us with a specific order. She quickly became part of our team and is learning many new beading techniques she had not previously used. Veronica is a valuable asset to our group!

Her family background is an all too common one. Her father is an alcoholic who abuses her mother and doesn't provide for the family. Her mother raised Veronica and her older brothers as best she could with little help from their father. Veronica wanted to attend school so badly that her mother took out loans to cover the cost. Veronica successfully completed high school and thanks to the Lord for a sponsor, she has just completed her 1st year of university, studying to be a paralegal in a weekend program.

We are hoping to find sponsors to help cover the costs ($100 per month) for university as she continues to work with us during the week.

Join us in praying for Veronica’s family, especially her mother who works in the market 7 days a week to provide for her family. We are also asking God to continue providing sponsorship for Veronica to attend University while she works with us.  She hopes to be a Paralegal one day.  

Veronica shares her gratefulness as she completes her first year of university studies & looks forward to a second year beginning in February 2017.

December 2015 - Veronica shares her dream of attending university in 2016!