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Prayer Requests



Specific requests for each of our artisans:

Please pray for Natalia's family. They are experiencing some difficulties in their family and need much prayer for discernment, obedience, and forgiveness. Pray too for Natalia & little Ezekiel's health. Praising God that Jacelyn finished her last year of middle school and is hoping God will provide an educational sponsorship through Women of Hope to begin high school in January 2017.
Pray for Myra as she gets married December 17th 2016 and begins the next season of life with her new husband and her son. Join us in praying for a sponsor to help her continue her education in 2017. She will begin high school, a new marriage and continue in her work at Women of Hope so it looks like 2017 is packed with opportunity and blessings!
Pray for Luisa's strength and wisdom as a single young woman caring for her sister. Pray that she will guard her heart and wait until God brings a godly husband for her one day. She especially needs prayer as her father is pressuring her to quit her work at Women of Hope to stay home and be available to cook his lunch time meal and oversee her sister more. This is difficult for Luisa, because she loves working at Women of Hope, the friendships and encouragement she receives as well as the consistent income and appreciation of her talent.
Join us in praying for Veronica and her family. Pray that she will be wise in her relationships; most importantly her walk with Christ. She continues to pray for an educational sponsorship through Women of Hope to continue her university studies for a second year. We are so proud of her success in the first year of university!
Pray that Blanca will continue to grow in the Lord and walk in faith. Blanca and her husband welcomed their second son to the family in November 2016. Pray that she can transition back into work late January or early February 2017.
Pray for Maria, her 3 daughters and husband that they will continue to grow in their relationships with the Lord, trusting Him no matter the difficulty that comes into their life.
Pray for Elica as she struggles to work and raise 4 children with her husband Geremias. Pray also for her husband to find consistent work in our village.
Please pray for Francisca to grow in her confidence as a beautiful young lady. Pray she will grow in her relationship with the Lord. Especially pray for her physical safety & emotional wellbeing because of abuse in their home.

Specifically for our missionaries & ministry:

Pray for the planning and start-up of the new chicken raising project; for initial funding for the chicks and for transportation. Pray for wisdom and timing and faithful workers to raise and sell the chicks.

Pray for the children coming to the feeding project in Santiagito and for consistent volunteers to help cook and serve the lunches. Pray also for Giovanni as he considers potential new projects.

Pray for his work as a translator with team s throughout the year.

Join him in praying for his daily growth in the Lord and for protection over he and Tina in their life and marriage.
Pray for wisdom and discernment as she manages the daily ministry and plans for the future. She is asking the Lord to lead her as she interacts daily with the artisans, donors, volunteers, customers, staff and advisors/partners. Ask God to direct her steps and the strength/wisdom to do His will.

Join her in praying for her daily growth in the Lord and for protection over her and Giovanni in their life and marriage.
Pray for Lisa and her husband as they plan their daughter's wedding for February 2017. Praying that they enjoy life as empty-nesters!
Pray for our daily activities at the ministry center and around our community. Especially lift up the feeding center with the children, pray that they will understand God’s love for them and grow in their young faith.
Pray for our online and home show product sales in the US.

Pray that God would increase our ministry opportunities to new artisans and families.