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Prayer Requests



Specific requests for each of our artisans:

Please pray for Natalia's family. Praise the Lord each of the children are growing and are healthy. Pray for Natalia's husband, for his work and for their marriage. Praising God that Jacqueline will soon graduate from high school; give thanks with us for the Lord's provision through our educational sponsorship program.

Pray for Myra's marriage with Adolfo and for her son, Caesar.  Pray as she continues her work at Women of Hope and attends school.  We are grateful that she will graduate high school in a couple of months!

Join us in praying for Veronica and her family. Pray that she will be wise in her relationships; most importantly her walk with Christ. Pray that she finishes well this 4th year of university in November.
She continues to pray for an educational sponsorship through Women of Hope to continue her university studies into her final year 2020. We are so proud of her success for the last 4 years of university!

Pray that Blanca will continue to grow in the Lord and walk in faith. Pray for Blanca and her husband as they raise their 2 beautiful boys. Pray that she uses her creative abilities to help us grow this year.

Pray for Maria, her 3 daughters and husband that they will continue to grow in their relationships with the Lord, trusting Him no matter the difficulty that comes into their life.  Pray for her relationships with the other artisans as she helps train them to expand their abilities.

Pray for Elica as she struggles to work and raise 4 children with her husband Geremias. Pray also for her husband to find consistent work in our village.

Praising the Lord for the talent Clara exhibits in beading; she has grown so much over the last 2 years. Pray for her as she meets with a counselor and continues to heal from trauma of many years of physical and sexual abuse. We pray that she and her son Danny continue to learn more about God's love for them and find their security in Him. 

Pray for Jennifer as she completes 7th grade mid October. Please pray that she continues to grow in her relationship with the Lord and finds joy in her new work.

Specifically for our missionaries & ministry:

Pray for Giovanni's daily growth in the Lord and for protection over he and Tina in their life and marriage.

Pray for the children coming to the feeding project in Santiaguito. Pray also for Giovanni as he considers potential new projects.

Pray for his work as a translator with teams throughout the year.

Pray for wisdom and discernment as she manages the daily ministry and plans for the future. She is asking the Lord to lead her as she interacts daily with the artisans, donors, volunteers, customers, staff and advisors/partners. Ask God to direct her steps and the strength/wisdom to do His will.

Join her in praying for her daily growth in the Lord and for protection over her and Giovanni in their life and marriage.

Ministry Needs
Pray for our daily activities at the ministry center and around our community. Especially lift up the feeding center with the children, pray that they will understand God’s love for them and grow in their young faith.

Pray for the team God is raising up in the US to help grow awareness in the states, help fulfill orders and use their gifts and talents to grow the ministry.

Pray for our upcoming events in the US to sell our merchandise over November at 3 exhibitor events in NC. Specifically for November 1-3 at the Holiday Market in Greensboro, November 14-17 at the Shopping SPREE! in Raleigh and November 29-December 1 at the Christmas Carousel in Raleigh.

Pray for our transition home, House of Hope. For our residents, Clara and her son Danny, and current house mom, Leticia. Pray for the spiritual growth of Clara and Danny as they continue to heal from the traumas of abuse.
Our hope for the coming new year,  to invite at least 2 more young women and their children to our home and work at WoH. Please pray the Lord provides full funding through more donors.

Pray that God would increase our ministry opportunities to new artisans and families.