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Natalia, Beading Artisan

Meet_WoH-NataliaNatalia’s journey is an incredible story that certainly testifies to God’s grace! Early one morning, she and her family awoke to the terrible roar of an approaching mudslide. As her husband Diego gathered their two children, the then-pregnant Natalia followed slowly as the family fled the home. Unfortunately, she was unable to exit before debris washed over the building.

She was trapped in the deluge of mud and rocks for several minutes before anyone realized she was missing. Her family members desperately rushed to her aid and were able to free her from the rubble. Within ten minutes of her rescue she went into labor and her son was delivered later that day!  She and Diego are so grateful that God spared their lives amid the tragedy of the storm.Meet_WoH-Natalia_Beading

Natalia and her family now live in Chuk Muk, where her husband works as much as he can to earn about ten dollars a day. Natalia says her work with Women of Hope since 2012 has been an answer to prayer, because they can count on consistent income to help feed her four children and keep them in school.  She is thankful to have an opportunity to help her husband provide for their family.  

Natalia’s daughter, Jacelyn completed middle school in October 2016 and hopes to enter high school with the help of an educational sponsorship in January 2017!   She plans to attend a private high school where she will be better prepared to one be a teacher. Meet_WoH-Natalia_KellyJacelyn & her parents are grateful for last years sponsorship and pray that she can continue school in 2017 with the help of sponsorship.  Jacelyn is a hard working student and loves learning!   We are praying for a sponsor for 2017 school year beginning January - will you consider this opportunity?  You can meet Jacelyn in her video below.

Praising God for little Ezekiel born November 19, 2015.  Unfortunately this little guy wouldn't nurse well and is often sick.  This made it difficult for Natalia to come to work at the center; however because of their great need we allowed her to work from home during 2016.  We continue to pray that we might find a caregiver to assist Natalia and get her back to work in the office.  Until then she works from home.  Please pray for his health and for a caregiver!  Tia Tina (Aunt Tina) misses Natalia in the office and the sweet smiles of Ezekiel!