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Myra, Beading Artisan

Meet_WoH-MyraMyra joined Women of Hope as a seamstress and bead artisan in January 2014.  She is a talented craftswoman and has quickly learned how to bead.  She lives in San Lucas with her son, who attends elementary school in the mornings and stays with his grandmother in the afternoons until Myra finishes work.

Women of Hope gives Myra an opportunity to provide a better life for her son. Having been abandoned by an abusive husband, who died in late 2014, Myra and her son made their way together these last couple of years.  However, by God's grace, Myra married again in Dec 2017!  Her new husband, Aldofo encourages her to continue her work at Women of Hope and loves her son Caesar.  

They are hoping to build a home together which require them to watch closely their budget even with both working. 

Meet_WoH-Myra_Full             Meet_WoH-Myra_Beading           

We are asking for prayers as she begins this next season of her journeyMyra & Caesar as a new wife. We pray for her son during this transition, that the love and acceptance of his step father will make a huge difference in his life too. Please join us in asking the Lord to give her endurance and strength in all that she does, being a wife and mother, working and attending school. Please pray for consistent work for Aldofo.

Listen to Myra's video - A Life Changed from 2015