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Maria, Beading Artisan

Meet_WoH-MariaMaria's mother is our artisan, Juanita.  We met Maria several years ago when she was struggling with her young daughter's illness, eventually diagnosed as an anxiety disorder. Maria struggled with her faith, yet through much prayer and encouragement she began again to depend on the Lord and returned to be involved with her local church.  Her daugther's health continues to be a struggle but as she has aged she is able to manage her life and activitiMeet-WoH-Maria_Nativity_Ornamentes better.

Maria has been working with us on a part-time basis making our beautiful Nativity Christmas ornaments now for 2 years. 

Pray for Maria, her 3 daughters and husband that they will continue to grow in their relationships with the Lord, trusting Him no matter the difficulty that comes into their life.