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Meet Maria!

Maria is our most experienced beading artisan. We met Maria several years ago when she was struggling with her young daughter's illness, eventually diagnosed as anxiety. Maria struggled with her faith, yet through much prayer and encouragement, she began again to depend on the Lord and returned to serve at her local church.  Her daughter is healthy today and even joined us at Women of Hope in January 2018 as a new artisan. 

Maria started working with us on a part-time basis from home, making our beautiful Nativity Christmas ornaments.



In late 2017 Maria came to work in our center full time as a master beader and teacher. She teaches our new artisans how to bead and shares her experience with our less experienced beaders. 

Her gentle and sweet spirit makes her a great teacher especially for the young ladies living in our transition home who have been abused. Her mother's heart blesses and encourages them, not only as they learn, but also in life.

Pray for Maria, her 3 daughters and husband that they will continue to grow in their relationships with the Lord, trusting Him no matter the difficulty that comes into their life. Pray also for her work at Women of Hope as teacher and master beader. Join us in thanking God for her heart to help others learn to bead and have a better life.