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Luisa, Beading Artisan

Luisa is a gifted craftswoman who joined Women of Hope in February of 2014.  She faced many hardships as a youth, including the loss of her mother when she was still in seventh grade.  In the absence of her alcoholic father, she was forced to quit school and take care of her siblings.

Working at Women of Hope has helped her continue to provide for her youngest sister.  While she accepts her difficult challenge of being the main provider and care-giver for herself and her sister Ruth, she hopes to one day have a family of her own.  We pray that God provides a godly man in her future!  

We are 
joining with Luisa to help her keep her younger sister in school.  Ruth is entering 11th grade in January of 2017, studying to be a kindergarten teacher.  She has always attended public school, which costs less than private, but still is a strain on their budget.  We are praying for a sponsor to help cover the $135 needed for the 2017 school year.  Will you consider partnering with us to sponsor Ruth? Meet Ruth in her video at the bottom of this page!



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Pray for Luisa's strength and wisdom as a young single woman caring for her younger sister and herself.   Her father is pressuring her to quit her work with us - so that she is home to cook his lunch in the afternoons... She is really struggling as she doesn't want to quit, but the culture says she should stay at home to care for her father's needs.  Pray her father's heart changes or that she (and we) can accept this change.

Pray that she will guard her heart and wait until God brings a godly husband for her one day. And that she will grow in her relationship with the Lord, knowing her value in Him and His great love for her.