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Jennifer, Beading Artisan

Jennifer Megan Earrings
Jennifer is our youngest artisan (now 16) & daughter of our artisan Maria. Jenni quit school after 6th grade. We tried to convince her to return to school for a couple of years, but she wouldn’t and continued asking to work with WoH. We don't work children so this just wasn't a good fit for us. 
Then January 2018, we relented and brought her in as an artisan. She does beautiful work, however our goal was to get her back in school. At the end of 2018, we began asking her to consider school again. We talked about how hard it would be working during the week and attending school on the weekend, but how worth it! In just a few years she could be able to boast that she graduated! After much prayer and encouragement from other artisans like Veronica & Myra, she said YES! At the beginning of 2019 Jenni started 7th grade, excelling throughout the year. In the 2020 school year she will enter 8th grade, while continuing to work at WoH.


Jennifer workingPray for Jennifer as she completes 7th grade mid October.
Please pray that she continues to grow in her relationship with the Lord and finds joy in her new work.
                            Jennifer & Maria