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 Host a Jewels of Hope Show
Stylish Beauty that Inspires & Empowers!

By hosting your Jewels of Hope Show you open the door for
your family and friends to use their buying power to bring hope & change.

How It Works/FAQs

Are there any requirements for hosting a home show?

Yes, you must be a 18 years old or older with a street address for delivery of the kit. (We do not ship to a PO Box).  You must have a computer, smart phone and a credit card.

  • We supply each kit with full color printed catalogs for your guests to share.  Additionally, you will have 12 sheets listing all our products, the price, color options and page in our catalog – a “cheat sheet” if you will, to use with your guests.  We also encourage you to have a computer(s) displaying the digital catalog during your show.  Because we are updating our catalog a couple of times per year, we do not have printed catalogs for every guest, and the ones you get stay with the kit.  We encourage you to send your guests the digital catalog with their invitation.  Then when they attend the show they can “touch and feel” the product, to assure them of the high quality of our products.
  • Your smart phone will be used to place your guests’ orders directly to our store with the Shopify card reader; whether they pay by credit card, check or cash.
  • If you accept cash, we ask you to write a check to Women of Hope to cover the cash sales.  Please, do not mail cash!

How do I schedule my show?

Please email us at with your first choice date for your show. If there are no conflicts with that date we will schedule it and plan for sending a kit. In your email please also include your phone number and best times to reach you.

How do I invite guests to my home show?

You can use whatever method you prefer – email, hand written invitations, e-vites and word of mouth.  Encourage your invited guests to bring a friend or two. 

We can also help you with an invitation.  We have a standard invitation in our email service that we can use to send your email invitations for you.  You supply us with the email addresses and first names, then we create the email using your personal email address as the sender – avoids spam issues!  We DO NOT use the email addresses for any other purpose and will only email a second time if you approve a reminder email be sent.  You will receive updates on who has opened the invitation and who has responded and any responses they make to the original email.  This is one less thing you have to do!.

What is in the kit?

HomeShow-FAQ_KitEach kit includes a selection of most of our products - more than 50 pieces - in a variety of colors, though not all colors.  We do include a dozen charts with the kit to give your attendees a comprehensive list of available colors for each item.  We include jewelry, ornaments and other special items in the kit. 

Our catalog includes pictures of the products in the various colors and details of the sizes of each item.  We believe that each kit gives your guests the opportunity to see, touch and feel the product so they are confident of the beauty and quality of our work. 

Why don’t you have home show consultants?

We believe:

  • You can tell your guests our story and help them understand how they are making a difference by showing our short video. Many hosts will connect their TV to YouTube and have the video running throughout the show, especially if you can't have everyone view the video at one time. Or you can access the video right from our Meet WoH page and show on a computer.
  • Our products speak for themselves, so your guests don’t need a lot guidance when choosing their favorites – they will share their fabulous opinions for one another!
  • Our process is focused on simplicity and we prefer to reward you with free and discounted products in appreciation for hosting.  While rewarding you, we can also keep our prices great and increase the impact of available resources for our artisans instead of adding another expense to the process.   Click to see your HOPE REWARDS!

How do I receive my kit?

We ship your kit through priority mail so that it arrives about 3-5 days prior to your home show.  Therefore, you need to schedule your show a minimum of 10 business days in advance to ensure we have a kit available to send on time.

How do I report the sales from a home show?

You will download an app to your phone or tablet/iPad to process your orders. (provided in your kit). We will send you an email with details on how to process the orders. The process is super simple and quick!
  • The app will handle calculating the totals and sales tax when applicable.HomeShow-Ashley_Bracelets  Sales tax is added currently only for all NC sales.  Shipping charges should be part of the total on each order.  The app provides an email or text receipt to your customers and updates our order entry system directly, which helps us process your guests orders quickly.
  • Once you have finished all your guests' orders, you should email us with the items you want to order (don't complete the order yourself).  We will calculate your Hope Rewards discounts and send you an order which you will complete online.
  • Your Hope Rewards are calculated based on the home show product total excluding tax and shipping.  Free feel to email or call us if you have a question about the rewards due you.  Your order is not included in the show totals for the rewards calculation.

How do I return the kit?

We ask that you return the full kit within 2 business days of your home show using priority mail, preferably in the same box that you received it in (unless it is damaged).  We use this method to balance economy with speed, so we can make sure there are kits available for as many home shows as possible. 

Can I sell from the kit?

No, the kit only includes samples to give your guests a tangible experience of our products.  While we do include as much as we can in the kit, there are a few other products available and MANY other product color options available through the catalog. Remind your attendees of this so they check out the printed color sheet and catalogs available at your show.

What happens if I do not return the kit?

If we do not receive the kit back within 5 business days of your show (2 business days  for you to get it in the mail and 3 business days for transit), we will  attempt one reminder phone call.  After that it will be necessary to  charge your credit card for the full wholesale price of the kit, plus a  handling fee for replacement.  To avoid this issue, please return the kit  within the requested time, and send us the tracking number.  Home_Show-FAQ_Ladies

If an issue arises, please call us immediately at (678) 665-9716.  Additionally, if an item is missing from the returned kit, we will attempt to contact you about it once.  If necessary, we will charge your credit card for the wholesale value of the missing item and a handling fee for replacement.

Do you have a show minimum?

No, however your Hope Rewards discounts, free and half price items as the host are based on the show totals.  The more your guests order, the more rewards you receive and the more artisans we can employ – thereby helping provide more opportunities for a better life!

Your products have hang tags with a woman’s picture, did she make my product?

The picture is an actual artisan with Women of Hope, though not necessarily the one who made your product.  Each of our products are made by an individual artisan, however several artisans can make the same products. 

What makes your pay a fair wage to the artisan?

WoH invests in the materials, tools and supplies needed to make our products.   Each artisan is paid a fair amount based on the time and expertise required for each piece.  Working at our center also provides them with consistent weekly wage for at least 48 weeks a year.  

In Guatemala, the majority of artisans invest their own funds in the materials and time in hopes of finding a buyer for their product.  Unfortunately they often must sell at a price barely covering the material costs, which means they get little or nothing in return for labor.

All proceeds from the product sales go to pay this fair wage and costs of running the ministry center. Additionally our women receive lunch twice weekly during our lunch-time discipleship program.  

How can I help?

There are so many different ways you can partner with us at Women of Hope!  Here are just a few examples:
  • Spread the word about our web store to your family, friends and co-workers
  • Host a home show (or two!)
  • Encourage your friends to host a home show too (You receive a $5 gift certificate for each home show booked and hosted as a result of your show).
  • Donate to help keep our missionaries on the field working with local artisans. The product sales do NOT support our missionary’s salaries, they raise 100% of their support from donors like yourself so that the income from product sales can be reinvested in materials, ministry expenses and most importantly wages to the artisans .
  • Invest in the ministry through a donation to help a specific Women of Hope project, see our Donation Page, and check out our Get Involved Page for opportunities to volunteer.

Are Women of Hope products sold at art fairs/street festivals or in boutiques?

Yes, we are partners with a couple of wonderful boutiques (see Our Partner Page).  We are always looking for new events and boutiques to showcase our products!  If you have ideas, please contact us at (678) 665-9716 or email us to discuss it at

How long will it take to receive our orders?

Once we finish the hostess' order, we begin to process the show orders in 1-3 business days and you should receive your show orders within about one week.  This is the same process for online orders.  If there is need for an expedited order and shipping, please contact us for charges.  We are happy to make it happen!

How much is shipping?

Please pay special attention to this when processing your guests orders. Charge each customer $2.00 each for shipping. The entire order will be sent to you, individually bagged, so you can easily distribute them to your attendees.  If a customer would prefer to have their purchases shipped directly to them, her shipping will be $5.00.  Additionally be sure to call us during your show if expedited shipping is necessary, for a price quote.  Do remind your attendees that most orders are shipped in 2 days via priority mail.

Do you have a return policy?

30 day Policy – if you are not completely satisfied with your Women of Hope purchase
you may request to exchange or receive  a refund of unused product (not including shipping and handling)  within 30 days of your original purchase.   Your exchange or refund will be  processed upon receipt of your returned item along with an original receipt.  You will pay shipping on the exchange.

45 day Policy – Products damaged in transit or any item with product quality concerns due to defect may be replaced with the same item within 45 days of  purchase.  We ship replacement products free.  This warranty does not cover product damaged through normal wear, accident or misuse.

    What Are People Saying

    These are just a couple of quotes from satisfied customers, more can be found on the product pages. In fact we would appreciate you leaving your reviews to help other customers.

    HomeShow-Cathy_QuoteI was instantly attracted to the beaded Christmas ornaments on a mission trip in 2012 and bought many to bring back to the States as gifts.  They are exquisite, a reasonable price to give to friends, and everyone just LOVES them!  At that time, beaded jewelry just didn't interest me, though I bought a turquoise Faith bracelet.

    Then I decided to have a show. The more I handled the products, the more I fell in love with the beaded jewelry!  I have had several shows now, four times in Colorado, once in Florida, and 4 Wednesday evenings at church last Fall.  The Christmas ornaments still remain my favorites.  

    Lots of opportunities are out there for jewelry sales in-home, but not many have the special added attraction of helping women improve their lives, the lives of their families and communities, with a Christian discipleship emphasis.

    Cathy S., FL – Hostess & Customer



    I came to my mom's home show only because she said she really cared about the vision of this ministry.  So I left work early to go make my "token" purchase.  However after seeing all the beautiful designs, I sat with Tina and told her I couldn't decide what to buy.  In the end I purchased 3 beautiful jewelry pieces and left with 2 other items on my wish list!     Amy A., NC - Customer

    Peggy W., MN, –  Hostess
    I love the quality of the jewelry; it's obvious that a lot of time and skill went into the creation of the pieces.  I really love my necklace and haven't seen anything like it anywhere else!  It is very unique!