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Give the Gift of Education - Preparing for 2020

Guatemala’s school year is January through October, or February to November for university academic year.  We are so excited at Women of Hope because we have so many artisans and their children attending school for 2020, 8 in total! 

REMAINING SPONSORSHIPS NEEDED:  We need sponsors for artisan, Myra and Jacquelyn, daughter of artisan Natalia.

Our goal is to help any of our artisans attend school, no matter what grade she might be in.  See, in Guatemala many girls aren't allowed to attend school, especially beyond 2nd or 3rd grade.  Thanks to partners like you, for the upcoming 2020 school year, we have 3 artisans attending school.  Veronica is entering her final year of university. Additionally two others,  Jennifer is entering 8th grade and Clara is entering 3rd/4th grade (two grades in a one year program). We are still seeking a sponsor for Myra's 1st year of university. We need her sponsor by the end of January.

Here in Guatemala, even in public school, the cost of school beyond elementary is too costly for so many.  So WoH is committed to help the children of our artisans with school if they will continue school for 7th grade and beyond.  For the 2020 school year, we have partners to sponsor Caesar for 7th grade (artisan Myra's son), and 1 of Natalia's children - Moises for 8th grade.  Natalia's oldest daughter, Jacquelyn, hopes to enter her freshman year in university in February. We need her sponsor by the end of January.

It will take many supporters to keep the dreams of these students alive!  We need sponsors who will commit to the educational sponsorship.

GIVE A ONE TIME GIFT of part of or the entire need for a student, OR GIVE MONTHLY.  EVERY GIFT MAKES A DIFFERENCE! 

Will you help them achieve their dreams? Here are their stories...


Veronica EducationVeronica, artisan & ministry assistant, is entering her 5th year of university in February 2020!!
She is studying law which will serve her well when she becomes our assistant director after finishing school. She is an A/B student; while so many of her classmates are quitting she is excelling. We are so proud of her accomplishment! Annual need is estimated to be about $1,525. 
Myra Education

Myra, artisan with WoH since 2014, is entering her 1st year of university in February 2020.
We are proud of her commitment to continue her education!  Myra wants to psychology. This will make her even more valuable as a staff member, able to interact with our artisans & House of Hope residents.  Annual need is estimated to be about $1,215.

Jennifer education

Jennifer is our youngest artisan (now 16) & daughter of our artisan Maria. Jenni quit school after 6th grade. We tried to convince her to return to school, but she wouldn’t and continued asking to work with WoH. Finally in 2018 we allowed her to work with us, hoping to get her back in school. Jenni started private school for 7th grade in January 2019 and excelled in her class! Now for 2020 she will enter 8th grade in a weekend school program, while continuing to work throughout the week. Annual need is estimated to be about $425.

Clara Edcuation

Clara is excited to continue her education through an Adult Education Program here in our village. This is a program to help her finish elementary school as an adult quickly, taking 2 years at a time, so she can hopefully begin middle school in a couple of years! She excelled in her first year and is looking forward to 2020 to enter 3rd & 4th grades. There shouldn't be many expenses associated with her school year so we won't need a sponsorship for Clara.


Jacquelyn education

Jacquelyn is the daughter of our artisan Natalia. We are so excited to see Jacquelyn continue her education into university! She plans to study Business & Technology  She is the first of her immediate family to graduate high school, and even among her aunts/uncles and cousins. We hope her success will encourage others to consider staying in school and working hard for a brighter future. Annual need is estimated to be about $1,376.

Moises education

Moises’ mom is Natalia as well.  He loves school and learning! His 7th grade year started a little rocky as he adjusted to the demands of middle school, however he has ended the year well. In 2020 he will continue in public school for 8th grade.  When he enters high school, he will attend the same private school his sister Jacquelyn attended. Annual need is estimated to be about $250.  WE HAVE A SPONSOR FOR MOISES! Praising the Lord!

Caesar Education

Ceasar's mom is our artisan Myra. Caesar will enter middle school in 2020. The last few years have been difficult for Caesar, with his father committing suicide late 2014. He didn't do so well for a year or so, but has gotten back on track this last year. Caesar is committed to study hard and graduate high school in a few years. Annual need is estimated to be about $250.

Danny Education

Because Dany lives in our transition home we are committed to helping him advance in his education too. Dany is like a little sponge right now, learning his letters, colors & numbers, many in both Spanish & English. The kindergarten program will help him continue learning and developing social skills. He will attend public school in 2020 so we will not need a sponsor this year for Dany.

As a ministry, Women of Hope has committed to seek educational sponsorship for any of our artisans if they will pursue it. Additionally, we seek to find sponsors for their children beyond 6th grade.