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We are grateful for prayer partners who GIVE their time to cover us in regular prayer!
The Lord hears our prayers as we join together to grow this ministry for His glory
and the good of many families here in Guatemala.


Pray for each of the artisans to grow in their spiritual maturity.

 Pray that each will have a deepening desire to walk in truth and grace in every area of their life.  We are praying for them to truly understand their value in Christ and His great love for them that never changes and always protects.


Pray for each of our missionaries to continue to walk faithfully with the Lord, for their daily strength; depending on the Lord for all of their personal and the ministry needs.

For those on the field in Guatemala, pray for joy & depth in their journey with the Lord personally, protection over their health and especially for like-minded friends to encourage and support them in their daily life.  For those working in the US, pray for strength and joy as they serve a big God with their time and talents.

To see specific prayer request for artisans, missionaries & ministry ClickHere.

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Come to Guatemala...
     Partner with us on the field

Whether you want to bring an entire team or come on your own, we are always looking for talented and motivated people to help. We offer internships ranging from several months to years, as well as other opportunities for individuals to serve the community here as short or long term missionaries.  

"I am very impressed with the quality of each product.  They are beautifully handcrafted by the indigenous women of the area.  I visited both the former Women of Hope center, in the Osuna’s home, and the new location.  The artisans are happy, welcoming and take great pride in their work.

Because Christ is at the center of their ministry, His peace is felt in all that is related to the center.  It is a wonderful place to visit, do business and sow into the lives of needy women.  You will as blessed as I have been when you give financially, pray, or volunteer."      Virginia B., Canada – Customer & Volunteer

Contact us at to begin a dialogue about serving with us in Guatemala. Be sure to share any special talents or expertise so we can plan well for your time here!

Volunteer your time & talent...
       Partner with us from the US





You can make a difference!  Use your God-given talents and gifts to help grow the vision.  Email us for more information at or call us at (678) 665-9716.

We have immediate needs for Fall 2019 event volunteers. Click here for our list of dates & times - FALL EVENTS.

We are looking for expertise in various areas – Where do you fit in?
          Design – web, graphics and products,
          Sales reps – anywhere around the US,
          Marketing gurus – including social media,
          Writers, photographers and videographers,
          Legal Advisors,
          Market research/blogging



Your financial partnership keeps our missionaries on the field and helps us expand our reach into the community.  
Visit our Donate page to see opportunities for partnering with us today!

Read about the specific needs for our House of Hope, transition home.

Read about Educational Sponsorship opportunities, 2020 Sponsors.

“It has been an honor and a blessing to be a supporting partner with Tina and WomenGet_Involved-Give_Quote+Diane of Hope for many years now. The Lord connected us long before we ever met face to face, and I immediately began praying for her.  See I knew the value of committed prayer partners, having traveled for missions myself.  

I committed regular prayer for Tina and to support her ministry financially in a very small way. God has blessed my commitment by providing for Tina, and her now husband Giovanni and this ministry - meeting needs and providing direction and wisdom as well as many other manifestations of His blessing.

Not because of me, but because God is faithful and promises to hear us when we pray. Not only have the Osuna’s and the ministry received God's providential provision and, at times, intervention, but I have as well.  God has blessed me financially and allowed me to increase monetary support for Women of Hope.  I believe this is a direct result of spending time in prayer for her.  This time in prayer is never a bother, but always a joy.

Prayer is the work; it is the foundation of any ministry. Thank God for this privilege that turns the face of my Lord to me when I bow to Him in prayer, and results in needs met and changed lives.”       Diane H., SC – Donor & Prayer partner








You can help change the lives of women in Guatemala and enjoy an exciting social activity at the same time! Host your own show and share our jewelry, accessories and ornaments with your family, neighbors and friends. It doesn’t take much to make a big difference for the artisans who created these great products. Visit our Home Show page to learn more!