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Francisca, Beading Artisan

Meet_WoH-Francisca_SmilingFrancisca only joined our team of artisans in October 2015.  At 23 she has been beading for 8 years.  Tina met her in another beading cooperative more than 4 years ago and was excited to learn she was available to work with us at Women of Hope.

She lives with her family, parents, four brothers and a sister in the neighboring village of Santiago Atitlan.  We are enjoying her sweet spirit and getting her better each day.

Pray with us for Francisca.  She is very much a follower, and struggles to make decisions for herself.  Pray we are able to encourage her as she begins to in confidence in herself & her abilities and that she make wise decisions for herself.  

Francisca and her family continue to need much prayer for safety in their home.  Her father has become increasingly violent towards Francisca's mom and Francisca as he struggles with addiction issues.  Pray he will come to know Christ as his Savior and make the radical changes in his behavior that are needed to bring peace to their home.  Until then, pray for Francisca's mother as she tries makes the necessary decisions to protect their home, physically & emotionally.