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Elica, Weaving Artisan

Meet_WoH-ElicaElica uses her talent to hand-weave our dog collars, leashes and our Angel Tree Topper skirts on a back-loom.  She is a busy mother of 4 young children ages 15, 12, 7 and 4.  

Having four active children at home makes working from our center impossible right now, though we hope to offer child care in our facility in the coming years.  She works from home where she lives with her husband, children and mother-in-law in a small 4 room home.

Geremias her husband is a talented electrician though it is often difficult to find consistent work in our village.  Elica is glad for this new line of products for Women of Hope and desires to continue working with us to develop more of our hand-woven products in the future.

Pray for Elica as she struggles to work and raise 4 children with her husband Geremias.  Pray also for her husband to find consistent work in our village.