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Blanca, Beading Artisan

Meet_WoH-BlancaBlanca has been working with Women of Hope on a seasonal basis from her home for several years now.  In November 2015, she began working with us full time in our center.  She and her husband decided she would work with us on a regular basis so that they could start building their own home versus living with his family.  

She is a master beader, even at her young age, and excels at new and difficult design work.  She has amazing skill and has developed her own technique and style that shows in the quality and unique designs of our Christmas balls and Hummingbird ornament.  Her Christmas balls are the highest quality we have found in the region.

She lives with her husband and their two sons, Cruz, age 6  and their new little one born in early November.  It has been a joy to work with her throughout the last 5 years and watch Cruz grow into a sweet young boy.  Family picture below is from late 2012; we are looking forward to getting a new one in early 2017!

Meet_WoH-Blanca_Cute                 Meet_WoH-Blanca_1     Meet_WoH-Blanca_Family
Pray that Blanca will continue to grow in the Lord and walk in faith.  
Blanca was quite concerned as she began her pregnancy in early 2016 because she had miscarried in the recent past.  Due to these concerns, she was not be able to travel daily by bus to our workshop during the pregnancy.  We look forward to 2017 and hope that she can return, with her new son, to work in our center.  Please continue to pray for the health of her family as colder weather approaches.