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2019 Fall Events & Volunteer Sign Up

We are excited about the upcoming Christmas season events for Women of Hope Guatemala!  There are 3 different opportunities for you to visit our booth at a local NC event. 

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A few hours will have a HUGE IMPACT!

There are several ways You Can Volunteer. A few volunteer hours will bring success to our events and ultimately, make a HUGE IMPACT for our WoH artisans! Send me a private message or email me at how you want to be involved or visit our Sign Up page, click the Sign Up button below.

(1) We need 10-12 people to help prepare our merchandise for the shows. We'll have a great time together working with the inventory and enjoy lunch as well. We'll meet at Crossroads Fellowship from about 9:00-2:00, room number to be updated soon. Message me or send me an email, if you can carve out some time Saturday, Oct 19th to help or sign up with the link below.

(2) Volunteers are needed to help with set up and breakdown for each event. There will be some very light lifting and assembling of shelves, so even if you can't help us sell at the events, you can be a huge help with set up or breakdown!!!

We need at least 3 people for each of the following dates:
Set up: Thursday, Oct 31st - Greensboro Coliseum
Tuesday, Nov 12th - Raleigh Convention Ctr
Wednesday, Nov 27th - Jim Graham Building

Breakdown: Sunday, Nov 3rd – Greensboro Coliseum
Sunday, Nov 17th – Raleigh Convention Ctr
Sunday, Dec 1st – Jim Graham Building

Let me know in a message or email if you would like more information or you can sign up using the links below.

(3) Additionally, I need to borrow a truck to help move the display shelves to/from each of the above events.

The longest piece of shelving is about 6 ft, so a large SUV with lots of space might work as well. Message me for more info and details if you can help! If you wish to be part of the set up or breakdown team that would be an added plus!

(4) Volunteers are needed to help with sells at the events!!! We are praying that many of you will be available to volunteer at an event or two. We will need a minimum of 3-4 helpers per day, working in 4 to 5 hour blocks of the day or evening.

I (Tina) will be there the entire time so you will not be alone. Helping is easy and you'll enjoy meeting lots of people, plus you enter the event for free and can shop before or after you volunteer!

Ready to volunteer? The dates are just around the corner so let’s get it on your calendar! Check out the Sign Up Links below.

The artisans and I prayed for months that the Lord would open the doors to the events we should do and it’s truly a miracle that we got into all 3! Now we are praying that many of you will be available to volunteer at an event or two.

Seriously, you can make a tremendous difference in the success of these events, and thus the lives of our artisans, with only 4-5 hours during these events!

I am really excited to see what the Lord has in store for Women of Hope through these events in November. With just a few hours of your time my friend, we can help make these events outstanding and a benefit to the artisans of Women of Hope.

Our mission is to disciple and provide gainful employment to the artisans. With these successful shows we will extend our reach to even more women & families in 2020!

LINK to our event SIGN UP page (use Access Code - Hope):

Sign Up!