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2018 Women of Hope Guatemala YE Update

2018 has been a very good year for Women of Hope! We are grateful for the Lord’s sustaining hand over our lives and the ministry.  A few highlights from 2018:

We have maintained our 8 artisans throughout the year with steady work which has helped their families immensely. We hope to add more talented artisans in 2019.

  • The artisans are growing in their relationship with the Lord and we see evidence of this in their relationships with one another. Our team truly cares about one another, truly sisters in the Lord.
  • We also began producing ceramic pieces for our jewelry with an artisan in a nearby village, known for its ceramics. Sebastian is a talented pottery artisan who is starting to use his talent making beads and other pendants.

 We had good sales of our beautifully handcrafted jewelry & ornaments throughout the year and hope that 2019 will see much growth in that area! 

  • In October we shared a space at the Raleigh Jr League’s Shopping Spree event. Our sales were very good, and we are hoping to do at least one large event like this in 2019.
  • With this large event, we didn’t do as many home shows this fall and didn’t introduce new products. Be on the lookout for news about new products over the next couple of months and consider hosting a home show in the spring with all our pretty new things!

 In recent months, a couple of potential wholesale opportunities have contacted us, which we will explore further in 2019. Will you join us in praying for the possibilities? As the pastor from this church would say - “Attempt something so great for God that it is doomed to failure unless He be in it.”

  • During the fall we filled an order for embroidery clothing items for one of these wholesale vendors with 3 new women from our local village. Our hope is that there will be more orders like this these women and more in the coming year.
  • An Atlanta church doing work in another town asked us to talk with their Guatemalan leaders in Escuintla regarding “Business as Mission”. We are all hoping that a few of our wholesale leads might be large enough to support our local work and possibly help them get a start. 

The feeding project with the children of Santiaguito continues to provide nutritious rice meals now in its 5th year. We are looking for a new location 2019 within the community to prepare the lunch and share the gospel with the children.

  • There are some 85+ children coming to receive food each week. It is amazing to see how these children are growing over the years. Unfortunately, the circumstances of their families haven’t changed much for the better, but we thank God for this way He continues to show His love to them.
  • We pray that He will open opportunities for deeper work with the children in the coming year.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we commit to this ministry and know we are grateful that you are joining us in this journey. We could not realize the dream God has given us without you!

As we grow closer to Christmas we are filled again with awe at the gift of Christ, that through His life, death and resurrection we have salvation and new life. For that we gratefully serve Him.

Merry Christmas to you and your family,

Tina & Giovanni