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Nativity Wreath

Nativity Wreath


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We love our Nativity ornaments, Tree Toppers and NOW our 18” Nativity wreath!  Lots of beautiful burlap ribbons are pulled through an 18” wire form to make a plush surrounding for our Nativity crèche.  Our perfect little embroidered figures - Mary, Joseph with a sheep at his feet, and baby Jesus in his manger - fill the wooden handcrafted cypress wood crèche.  

This amazing wreath is a compilation of work from several artisans. The embroidered portion of the figures are done by several of our artisans with talent for embroidery and weaving.  Then our beading artisans complete the figures adding beads to the edge.  Our local carpenter made our stable/crèche that can be easily taken apart each year to store in it’s special fabric bag.