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Nativity Hanging Ornament Sets

Nativity Hanging Ornament Sets


Tell the story this Christmas season with these original hand sewn and beaded nativity characters.  Purchase individually or as a set.  Our talented artisan, Maria, started making these ornaments for us several years ago. Now many of our artisans have learned to bead the edge. This year, 2020, we have added two new artisans who do the hand embroidery.

Order individual ornaments, 5 piece sets, or the full 16 piece set.

Choose from 3 different 5 piece sets:
Holy family set includes - Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Trumpeting Angel and the Star.

King Set includes - 3 different kings, a beautifully adorned camel and donkey.

Shepherd Set includes - 3 different shepherds, a cow and a sheep.

The full 16 piece set includes all of the characters in the 5 piece sets and a praying angel.  Be sure to check out our newest Nativity sets that are for tabletop display!

Limited quantities available.

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