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Angel Christmas Tree Topper

Angel Christmas Tree Topper


An elegant heirloom piece to adorn your Christmas tree for many years! This beautiful angel is a combination of several artisans work – back-loom woven skirt by weaver Elica or Nicola that is sewn together by Elias. Our beading artisans Veronica & Myra hand stitched the beaded body and on the skirt the beads and finally Maria embroidered the angel wings trimmed in beads, a true labor of love!

We offer 2 styles. One has a fully beaded skirt and one has a few beads but the front of the skirt is embroidered.

The taller angel topper is 13 1/2 inches tall.

An aluminum post is attached in the angel body to place flat against your Christmas tree trunk, then use the attached 2 pieces of velcro to secure to your tree. 

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